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My nightmares, night tremors, anxiety and insomnia are all gone since I've been Agnostic. Seriously.

Atheist_chick 5 Jan 8

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Liberation from delusion can do that for most people, I am happy for you for choosing critical thinking and logic.

So am I. Thank you! 🙂


What's not to like about that? Cool, kiddo.

Thank you! 🙂


It's all good then

Thank you! 🙂

your welcome


If only more people could understand that. It is true for the hell and damnation of traditional religion, but also for some of the followers of the supernatural ghost buster types. The mother of my children falls into both categories. I try to combat that with my children the best I can. "No. I'm not afraid of ghosts and never been bothered by them. It's easy, I just don't believe in them."



Hi Agnostic Chick! That is really great!!!

Would you be interested in talking more about your experiences leaving religion on my question & survey about its' effects: "Did you experience Religious Trauma Syndrome in leaving religion?"?



Awesome! Congratulations... 🙂

Thank you 🙂


To have this hell hanging over your head was terrible. I grew up being affraid of demons and the devel. I could of died with that blanket over my head. Ugh!

I know what you mean. It's all over now and I can sleep at night. Yippie!! No more insomnia!!!!!!!!!!!


Was reading about soda, phosphates and magnesium...
Cut back on dark carbonated sodas, take magnesium supplement, reduces anxiety too!

But yeah, that religious BS will scare the bejesus outta any child!



Wonderful news. Very happy for you.

Thank you sweetheart!! 🙂

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