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"Schools like to say that they teach critical thinking skills, but it's hard to take that seriously when the vast majority of students can graduate from high school and college and never be exposed to a course on logic and argument analysis, never be exposed to any serious discussion of what it means to have good reasons to believe something, and never be exposed to what scientists and philosophers have learned over 2500 years about how to reason well."

By NerdyOkieDude7
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Thanks for my next post idea! You could leave this as a "Home" or create a new thread.

While I'm in complete agreement about critical thinking, I'm a performer-ing arts teacher. I work in a field of fantasy made more "real" by the sciences of music theory, stagecraft, score and script creation or analysis...

Anyway, to see the continuation of this rant it'll be here shortly!


There is much to be said for teaching how to think and not what to think.

Ponder this: There are times when reinventing the wheel is a better choice than proceeding with the pattern on the shelf.


As far as My experience goes with personal, and my kids education thru 12 - I can't see any evidence to challenge what they read or are taught. I took a logic course many years ago, and it is still helpful in navigating through media and discussion of ideas to this day. Most would say you can't believe anything you hear or read, but I mostly end up hearing the news opinions from their favorite news resource. My Niseis are highly educated, but they don't challenge anything that is liberal.


I totally agree.As a teacher I attempt to infuse what you have mentioned into the curriculum. Education is to much about memorizing facts and figures instead of ideas and philosophies

juli15 Level 6 Jan 8, 2018

Education has been dumbed down in the last 50 to 100 years. Too much standardized testing, too little money for school not in the burbs. Too much homework, too much desk work, not enough PE or recess, and not enough real learning.

I agree. If I read books from the late 18th century I have a hard time matching their vocabulary. The people that were educated processed a much higher standard of education than I received.

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