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LINK Americans — not just liberals — have a religious literacy problem - Vox

An interesting read, pointing out the numerous gaps in religious education among Americans. It also mentions that liberal agnostics and atheist have a better understanding of religion than conservative Christians and explains how religion is (mis)used in politics and social issues.
Here's the link, I'm told it didn't share.

Jess2zz 5 July 22

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Why do we need to have religious education? Who cares? Most people in the world cannot solve a simple first order linear equation. We don't need to study superstitions.

zesty Level 7 Apr 8, 2019

I think it depends on the purpose of study. Personally, I find religion to be a useful tool in studying history, sociology and sometimes economics. Societies were often shaped by religious beliefs, and they/we still are. This is very different than studying religion for the sake of practice, which I don't feel has a place in public education.


That is because atheists evaluate a religion before leaving it.


I wonder why, if religious literacy is such a problem, more isn’t done to fight on religious issues amongst religious candidates and parties. I mean, the American Right is mostly based around the religious groups, and people vote that way for reasons of religious affiliation right? So why not try and hoist them with their own petard and try and create some religious division.

I asked my very Christian cousin a similar question, knowing part of the answer. The bible says to stay out of politics. True Christians don't touch it, they focus on helping the community and being as Jesus like as possible.
She isn't happy or impressed with the religious right and is aware of how far off from the bible they are. But her faith keeps her from getting into "man's law".
So there's the trick. The good ones won't fight back (I'm not even sure what that ratio is). And all the far right politicians gotta do is play on these fake Christians fear and hatred. Who would fix it?


I think religion is the problem. Not whether or not people have read or understand some ancient book written by goat herders with a fifth grade education.

I think religion is a huge problem, but not for that reason. I think it's a problem because people not only live by it, but force others to. It's a problem because interpretation leaves a lot of room for manipulation and distraction. But, I can't ignore the fact that it goes hand in hand with history, directly and indirectly. It's been the driving force to war, means of power and even a guideline to eating practices. There is value in religious education for the purpose of understanding.


Not just liberals? It's not liberals who read their Bible with the same level of insight and comprehension as they read their Constitution. (And I say that as a right-leaning moderate)

Of COURSE Americans (especially Conservatives) have a religious literacy problem. And many have a literacy problem, full stop.

Ozman Level 7 July 22, 2018

I hope you read the full piece. It's tag line and even first few paragraphs leave it's bigger picture out of sight. I believe it made some of the points you may be making. Incomplete comprehension of religious teachings of Christianity and the bible. There's even less when factoring other religions.

@Jess2zz mate, I live in Yankland now. Read? We don't read here before arguing on the internet. 😉

@Ozman I'm old school, I guess. I read first. Have fun Yankin' away 😉

@jorj Exactly!! LOL


religious education theres an oxymoron to cap them all

weeman Level 7 July 22, 2018

Aww come on, knowing it doesn't mean believing. I would totally take that class, if it was taught as insight into how people explained the things they just had no understanding of.


I think the reason atheist know more than any other group about worldwide Religions,, is to protect themselves.

Know thy enemy


Most effective way to create an athiest get someone to read the Bible

Simon1 Level 7 July 22, 2018

Most atheist I know went to religious schools.


Most atheists and agnostics are far more knowledgeable about religions, their "holy" books, and the histories of both, than those who claim to believe in them.
Actually, the majority of believers (in almost all religions) have virtually no real knowledge of the history of their belief systems.
They just suck up the dogma and think they "know better" than everyone else.


The link didn't share. ?

I fixed it, but just in case.


And we have Reagan to thank for this.


No link?

weeman Level 7 July 22, 2018

I fixed it, but here you go.

@Jess2zz cheers 👍

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