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LINK Republican Nominee: God Is A White Supremacist, Jews Come From Satan

I could not imagine this in my wildest imaginings happening before Trump got into office....

I'll bet The Onion is having trouble finding bake headlines right now....

snytiger6 9 July 22

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So let me get this straight -- Jesus was a Satanist? After all, there weren't Christians before there was a Christ (so the fairy tale goes). Crazies abound.

Yep, early Christians were recycled Jews.




You don't have to be a racist to vote Republican, but it helps!


So, Jesus came from Satan.This is all very confusing. ?


Grade Z Degenerate.

These inbred morons are crawling out from underneath their rocks.

J75243 Level 6 July 22, 2018

That's just plain nuts.

godef Level 7 July 22, 2018

White man empire has been God for a few centuries now. It could be the Zionist have the right horrible imagination to play Satan.


If North Carolina wants to elect a racist then that's on them. Hopefully, they are smarter than that, but I'm not holding my breath.


The kooks are coming out of the woodwork. They're emboldened by the tangerine taco butt. The Onion can go on vacation, their headlines are writing themselves.

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