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Is a left wing echo chamber?
If so, could this be due to a link between agnosticism/atheism and nihilism/Marxism?

Polymorphed 3 Jan 8

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I was an official in the now defunct National Atheist Party. From that experience and from polls hereon, I believe that the majority of atheists are majority liberal and progressive with a touch of Libertarian thrown in for good measure. We tend to be pro-women (though we don't act that way consistently), pro-universal health and pro-government caring for the poor and elderly. I also see some who want less government and less interference with small business.

Like any other group, you cannot label the entire group into a single category. Atheists agree with our assessment that there are no gods - we are, after all, a-theists. But that may be the only thing we have 100 percent in common. Even then, you have degrees of atheism ranging from those who "do not believe, but…" to those who are anti-religion.

Therefor, to call atheism "nihilism/Marxism" is simply wrong.


Interesting post. I do feel that agnostic thinkers are more left wing, and/or liberal. I base this on the people I know who feel similarly. Nothing scientific.


I'm a liberal who is annoyed with other liberals. I'm talking about sjws!


The answer is NO WAY IN HELL! First, just because we reject racism, ethnocentrism, and reactionary thinking does not mean that we are left wing. We are reasoning, critical thinking, fair-minded people who believe in democracy.

Second, you are playing the old extreme right wing trick -- accusing people who disagree with you of being Marxists. That is a morally corrupt, damnable lie! Most of us understand Marxism and its threats to our democracy and freedom. But, the threat of right wing racist autocrats is just as bad!


There is a certain type of poster here who likes to throw cats amongst the pigeons. Hence this question. I won't comment further on nihilism and Marxism; others have covered that false link, nothing to add. The political spectrum is covered here, I don't think any criticism can be made about a left wing chamber.


it might seem that way to a meat head. marxism is from another era . get with the program


First question: Yes.
Second question: No.

skado Level 9 Jan 8, 2018

More like a link between any sort of intelligence and agnosticism. And again being intelligent and supporting the drump thing seem to be almost mutually exclusive, unless you are a smart super rich wanting to be even richer. But I think that's not even intelligent. Might be smart-ish, but it is also insane.


Link? I once quickly scanned a Cliff's Notes version of history, and thought the same thing...


I actually agree on the echo chamber aspect; there aren't many conservative voices here and when I have espoused what might be considered conservative views, I get shut down rather harshly.

However, as much as I agree with your first part, your reason for it I don't agree with. I've not seen many/any nihilist or maxist on these boards at all.

So several of us are wondering if you have independent validation for this link you propose or if it's just a pet theory of yours?


No. Critical thinking fosters antagonism to stupidity.

So you think that conservatism is stupid?

You did ask the question.
Any extreme position on the political spectrum is faulted, Ritter left or right. Current conservatism is extremely right and has been going in that direction for years. Even legtist politics have been moving right for years in response. So, ultimately, yes. The only reasonable position is to be a moderate.

There are varying degrees of conservatism. Also it was you who brought conservatism into it rather than just the right. You automatically assumed that the opposite to left is the hard right. Of course any extreme is silly. Conservatives are more than capable of critical thought though and many of them are anti theist scientists too. They just believe in tradition and acknowledge the good things in history that got us to this point and want to preserve those aspects of our culture. While the left seems to be hyper obsessed with progress to the point where it will happily abandon tradition.

Read my last comment @Polymorphed


Hope not a chamber.

Admin Level 8 Jan 8, 2018



Hope not a chamber.

Admin Level 8 Jan 8, 2018
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