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  1. The Bernie influence.
  2. In general people are not as stupid as Trump thinks they are.
  3. Young people know that if they want a world to live in they better help fix it.

Okay, but you can't just get rid of ICE. Get rid of their boss if you don't like the policies they're having to enforce. Agents don't set the policies.

As for the rest, that's mainstream Democrat politics for the most part.


Of the social programs endorsed by these social democrats I agree with Medicare for all, I think it is a viable political position which could benefit working populations in rural and metropolitan areas. People ought not be driven bankruptcy by getting sick, people ought not have to plead to others not to call an ambulance due its cost. A visit to the Emergency Room with very simple services performed ought not cost $18,000. The extraordinary cost of drugs amount to the highest form of extortion (pay up or die) to the United States population, capitalism at its worst.

I am in favor of Medicare for all and I think this is the kind of bread and butter issues the DEMs need to pursue.

cava Level 7 July 22, 2018

I hope it becomes a third party and kills the Dem Party.

EdEarl Level 8 July 22, 2018

Takes others a bit longer to catch on, I suppose.

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