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Equality, What does it really mean? I have spent almost 20 years of my life campaigning for equal treatment of people,regardless of their colour, religion or gender or sexual orientation.

This Journey led me to wonderful cities around the globe. I finally landed in Portland Oregon. A city presumed to be extremely liberal and progressive. I have observed that the clubs that refer to themselves as " Sex positive clubs" charge cover entry fee discriminately.

That's to say--there are clubs that charge zero dollars to females, 50 dollars to couples and 100 dollars to single men. What caught my eye was the fact that--one club was asking transgender attendants if they identify as man or female--aimed at charging those who identify as male a higher cover fee. Do you notice this behaviour in your city?

By Humanlove7
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Never having been a clubber, and not having lived in a city for 30 years, I can't comment on clubs. To me equality is that no people are treated any different to any other people, end of story.

That's what I believed until when I came to USA,the land of invisible unexpected hypocrisy.


These double standards are not truly liberal. That's the problem with sjws.


My guess is that they want to attract more women to come in. No, I don't see it in my city, I don't go to bars.

But in whose expense?

No one is forcing anyone into those bars. Vote with your billfold. If you don't like the way the business is run, don't patronize it.


Two things are accomplished. Women are more willing to hang out, and men with money to burn are willing to hang out and buy those women drinks. Capitalism at it's best, right? It's not just in Portland though. All around the world clubs revolve around the sexual desires of the young and foolish.

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