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Do you know of many open atheist singers? Who do you listen to?

BillHenderson 4 Jan 8

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Tim Minchin - comedian, actor, writer, musician and director, yes he sings too.
Think he surpasses atheist and goes all the way to anti-theist. Here's a sample, listen to the end.

Kimba Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

I am slowly realizing that the musical community needs to drop the bong and start cultivating the ergot.


Atheist? I believe, but cannot confirm, that they are atheists. hehe. There is a german band Atrocity that is atheist...probably a lot of 'non-black metal' death metal bands are atheists...


I've started a virtual shrine here to Frank Zappa's music. Youtube videos abound of his philosophies, including a congressional hearing on censorship. You may hate the music but I think you'll love the man!

Frank Zappa: My Favorite Musical Atheist!


Gary Numan, and probably my favorite 90s punk band, Propagandhi. Their first two or three albums are Fat Wreck style melodic hardcore. Everything else after that is better described as progressive thrash metal. Lyrically hyper critical, and musically just technically astounding.


Omina is a Pagan group.


David Gilmore, Randy Newman


John Lennon


interesting question. does william shatner count? i will check back on this post to see the answers.

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