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Nature and 'spirituality'

Do you find that being in the natural world brings you some kind of peace that might be described as spiritual?

Akfishlady 8 Jan 8

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I'm not sure what you mean. If you are trying to equate spiritually to nature, the end result of this natural world will be when the sun swells into a red giant and burns it to a cinder .... What then??


Possible... whatever you dig and find peace with.


I have no idea what spiritual means.

When I ask for a definition most come up with some sort of gobbledegook which includes the word spiritual...

The natural world does leave me in awe of it. It excites me, it challenges my pre-conceptions and a walk in the woods/hills/along the beach helps me to relax and feel at peace and at one with the world.

A rapid downhill ride on a mountain bike leaves me exhilarated and the aftermath of the destructive forces the weather can bring reminds me of how insignificant we can be. And how arrogant we are raping the earth of its resources.

But spiritual? Probably not.


'Spiritual' has a lot of meanings for me. Personally, I'm most spiritual in my "own space" in many ways. House, room, chair, bed. I meditate for "oneness" in one minute intervals as needed in dealing with the day, then often at bed time.

Since these produce the greater creative sparks over those I meditate for specifically, that's a last resort on a deadline.

The spiritual experience of nature is real, moreso for me because I usually have an instrument when strolling the parks, whether it was an event or not.

Like this tune. I had to write it on a night I was exhausted, fighting a cold, having to get up early to work the faire....but I had to, till past 2AM. This was that morning after and the only recorded copy of the song I have.

I've cued it to the music past my one minute "alternatative real'ties" rant.


Nature, and for example doing stand up paddling on a beautiful lake, is an awesome experience, both physically but especially mentally too (=spiritually).


It is where I feel I belong, I never feel that way in society.


I do love nature and being outside but that's it.


It might, but fortunately, I’ve spent enough time within nature to know better (it’s a battleground!).. Watched a 4K HDTV tour of New York City earlier this evening. This native Oregonian found it spectacular! With that, I assumed those visiting my neck of the woods from NYC would likely consider it the same… Nature is what it is, we should recognize it’s magnificence and sacrifice to defend it, but stop short of worshiping it. It’d be like worshipping ourselves

Varn Level 8 Jan 9, 2018

Yes, but its not always peaceful. Nature can be harsh and cruel. Sometimes the natural world makes me feel insignificant and meaningless but exhilarated and totally alive and connected with the universe simultaneously, like I am of no consequence but blessed and integrated, a minor but needed piece of the puzzle, like my being has affected everything and nothing. These contradictions are how I describe spirituality


I feel awe and peace. Spirituality uses the word spirit and I prefer more natural terms. It's probably the same feeling though.

gearl Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

If spiritual is defined as something that lives on after my body dies, then no.


Physics, chemistry, biology and chaos all in one place. Hum


I can agree with that. I think the spirituality comes from within, but I think I understand what you're saying.

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