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QUESTION Protest, Long Lines, Cheers and Boos,Greet Trump's Arrival at Natnl.Championship

Happening Tonite- trump at Atlanta GA championship 1/8/2018

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 8

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I'm not getting the link.


I couldn't muster up enough f**ks to watch it.


Ill go with the. Boos.


TrumpOLINI should be kept inside the White House protecting the outside world from his pussy grabbing pollution


To be fair, a great deal of the booing was because all those people had to wait outside in the rain while the Secret Service cleared and secured portions of the stadium. They would otherwise have been inside drinking beer and enjoying pre-game festivities.

ANY President who chooses to attend a large public event like that is going to inconvenience other attendees that way.


Was it 50/50 ? Which was it? I couldn't pull it up.

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