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Why is it that the most technically advanced, most militarily powerful and the most religion infested nation on earth has the highest prison population?
** The U.S., Russia, and China are the top 3 and our prison population is more than Russia's and China's combined!

By TerryH4
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Simple - it's in the USA's interests to have a large prison population because prisoners can be put to work making things and be paid a few cents for doing so, which allows the USA to compete with countries where labour costs are far lower.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 9, 2018

the prison complex....police lawyers judges builders guards food suppliers uniforms surveillance parole officers etc etc


One of the main drivers for our huge prison population is the war on drugs. Many people are serving prison time for possession charges and other drug related charges.
The war on drugs has been judged a failure but that has not stopped Jeff Sessions from wanting to imprison even more people for it. Maybe this is due to the investments he has in private prisons.

david7wk Level 6 Jan 9, 2018

China has the highest number of executions of convicts each year, but is it high enough to bring the prison population down significantly?

Living conditions in US jails are too cushy, that it is an insufficient deterrent?

US laws and sentencing policy see prison as the main way to punish criminals and the principal way to prevent crimes being committed?

High income, technological advancement and draconian legal and penal system not enough to create a society that abides by its laws? A society that has the knowledge (so they know the laws) and discipline not to commit crimes.

have you ever been in a cell ?

@markdevenish Not for long thank goodness. What is your point?


China is the number one atheist country in the world by population; Russia the fourth.

Thus any correlation between prison population and religious population is ill-founded.



Money, politics, racism, class division, do you want me to continue?


Racism. I am not sure but my guess is the US population is far more diverse than China or Russia. Our non-white population is given the express route to prison.

I'm not American, but I don't quite think that's fair. Black on black crime is massive and that's down to gangs, drugs and ghettos in general. A racist cop doesn't put someone behind bars and I don't see any variation in punishments for crimes committed between races, and I've watched and read about a LOT of US Court Cases...

@Zoidburg try reading the stats. something is NOT right

@markdevenish Will do! Which stats?

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