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Any fellow musicians/free thinkers out there?

Is xtian based music tolerable or a waste of time?

Mankind63 4 Jan 9

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Yep, but haven't played in ages.

If you're talking about the modern christian music, it's not all bad, but most of it sucks. Lame lyrics, often boring tune lines, and reliably pointless.


Some of the hymns that they sing have nice chords, but the lyrics are dodgy - Tim Minchin


Yes on both counts! Here is...a gallery with some of my stuff and commentary on some of my favorite arts and artists. Toss in some of your own!

HOME:::ThE cReAtIvE tHiNkErS gAlLeRiE depends on the music. I can block out lyrics...just glad I didn't these...

I laughed all the way through this. Good work!


I have poems.


This happens to me a lot when I'm on the road... I'll tune into a random radio station and hear a song I've never heard. I really like the melody, the beat, the song.... then I hear the religious theme (usually some allusion to lord or jesus) and I groan as in "not again".

As I've learned more music theory over the years, I've come to realize why this happens. Christian music likely just stays within the major scale and the common chords (C G F and A)... as such it's no surprise that they would stand out as "good" to a western ear... but I still get a sense of "gotcha!" when I find myself liking the music but not so much the message. 😉


I don't have to listen to xtian based music. I got them filed ahead of rap.


The quality is there in terms of talent, artistry, craft, and production. But you can't escape the fact that most of the artists and audience are deluded.

However, I don't think delusional musicians are limited to the Christian genre. 🙂

@TheMiddleWay I believe that art imitates life. So if life has diversity in thought then art will reflect that diversity in all of it's forms. I fairly appreciate all artists for their efforts to communicate their truth. But I revere those artists whose truth skillfully resonates with my truth.

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