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I'm posting this under religion and spirituality because travel, especially into nature is what moves and touches my soul more than anything, save my grandkids. The beauty of nature is inspirational, awe inspiring, educational, love, spiritual... It is my church.

BeeHappy 9 Jan 9

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Most of my life I have travelled all 99 Iowa counties 48 states and Ontario, Puget Sound and border towns drinking CARTA BLANCA. foot by bicycle by canoe by ferry by 4 wheels and 18 wheels. ...I cherish least fly over airlines and cherish most helicopter and balloon flight. ...I am grateful to astronauts cosmonauts and cameras that explore and share views of our expanding universe


@BeeHappy Whilst it can be savoured alone in company I suggest that the effect is multiplied many manyfold.


I'd like to publish a photo album and captions of a horse drawn carriage trip along old US 52 holy city to holy city Charleston harbor to the Minnesota bluff above the Mississippi River

@GreenAtheist I travel solo and have often thought how great it would be to actually share photos with others across the world. Even have virtual picnics where I picnic in one spot and co picnicers in other places do likewise and share conversation and photos. Unfortunately many of the places that I like to go are off the phone network so it could be interesting findings those that aren't.
Perhaps we can for a network and one day try it out. Has anyone technical knowledge for the variety of services available. On straight phone service currently I can I think call mobiles in about 15 countries without charge and of course emailing with attachments is very economical. I haven't tried voice attachments yet ... are they possible?
Over to you and anyone else who can chip in or likes the idea. The simplest start of course is your suggested photo album. ????

@FrayedBear Internet cafe are everywhere except in meadows and mountains

@GreenAtheist our major carrier has recently added Wi-Fi to 20,000+ telephone boxes around the country which is a useful addition to services.
Meadows and mountains along with river valleys are amongst my favourite places!

@GreenAtheist have you tried Blog or WordPress. I used Blog for quite a while and found it great photos with explanations. WordPress is similar I believe.
That way you only have to post the url to direct people.
I was suggesting however something far more personal ... voice to ear communication enhanced by instant share of what each speaker is seeing.

@FrayedBear Skype

@GreenAtheist yes that works with Wi-Fi but uses too much upload/download allowance on my account which is only 5Gb month. Telephone however is effectively free for USA, U.K. and quite a number of other major countries.

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