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LINK FFRF, parents, score appeals court victory against praying Calif. school board - Freedom From Religion Foundation

Every victory against indoctrination matters: no matter how big or small (Schools - Chino, California )

GoodMan 7 July 25

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This is just one of many, many victories by this group. Imagine the country without watchdogs like them?


This is good news, thanks for sharing.


"[...which resembled church revivals more than public meetings. These meetings opened with prayer and regularly included board members reading from the bible and proselytizing."


Bravo to FFRF, the 22 parents, students, and employees. I couldn't help but laugh over the fact that the U.S. District Judge who initially ruled in favor of FFRF back in 2016 was named Jesus. ?


I got the email from FFRF. Chino is near me so this is a personal Win! 🙂


Christians keep pushing the envelope hoping they will eventually succeed. The present political atmosphere in regards to how much power evangelicals have garnered in this present administration and the future of SCOTUS is not encouraging.


A very meaningful decision.

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