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I love it when people will put their self out there, and help others.She is doing a really great thing.


Yes it is.


I teared up reading that article.


It sounds vampirish.


I perform a lot of same sex marriages, as an officiant on a busy destination wedding island. It's heartwarming to see most families so supportive of the loving couple's celebration of legal marriage. However it is truly sad when one of the partner's parents (or siblings) refuse to acknowledge and attend.

I don't really think a stranger stand in would help in these cases, but the thought is nice. Many couples will have other family or friend support members there instead.

Many of my weddings are simple elopements of "just the 2 of us" kind. Those are still a little wistfully sad when the couple will live stream or instantly and excitedly share wedding photos on the spot with one set of parents and not the other. That's the way it is for them.

I think within one generation, this rejection by parents of their children's sexual identity will be a thing of the past. We are moving in the right direction.

Hah! I was never invited to my daughter and son in laws wedding, that is how bitter and twisted everyone was about my fathering my daughter and devoting 18 months of my life to her first eighteen months when she had been all but abandoned by her mother.

@FrayedBear That's sad and shouldn't happen to a man that tries to be a father, But this isn't about what happened to you. Try to be happy for others.

I really hope you are right.


Truly inspiring in the current environment.


Damn Fine person!


That is awesome!! I should volunteer to do that!!

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