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QUESTION Noah's Ark (part 1 of 2) - YouTube

Almost forgot about this oldie but goodie had to share!

Pooska 6 Jan 10

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Realistic view of the Arc-does not compute.




Problems, problems, problems and people buy into this as fact too, funny.

yes, it was never meant to be anything other than a useful mythology imo


Bashing believers is like shooting fish in a barrel. ...stupidity is no match for Atheism as fly fishing experts will confess casting a line lure and hook is not a sure thing. ...I save my bible bullets for the criminal theocrats and those who force religious lies into public schools. ...there I never miss but we have to Thor the fish back when we lose elections or court cases

Damn spelchek THROW is not the alleged gawd thor

Good for You! .....i think? Not really sure what you're getting at

@Pooska the alleged Noah Ark story gets millions in tax dollar$ in a Kentucky bible park like a pitiful Disney like museum and cubits sized boat not far from Cincinnati

@Pooska hundreds of us American Atheists have picketed the damn place and put up a billboard calling it the GENOCIDE AND INCEST MONUMENT that never happened

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