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My favorite physician retired because he wanted to see the patient an d not the computer screen. He paid genuine attention to me.


Mine does, even remembers incidental stuff, like that I do Karaoke, that i mentioned 2 visits before.
But then, I go out of my way to make an impression...the older you get, the more you get "invisible" and I fight that.


Last year, I had a specialist diagnose and dismiss me without ever speaking to me or meeting me face-to-face. I don't even know where his office is. HIs clerk booked my x-ray over the phone. His clerk called back to tell me the doctor said there's nothing he can do for me. Would I ever accept a referral to that surgeon again or allow a family member to see that doctor? No. My level of trust went down the drain.


I agree with this as a patient and as a doctor. I had a possible melanoma missed because the doc just focussed on the computer instead of doing a basic exam.
So far I have been able to delay documentation until after I have seen the patient but the amount of time it takes to document is rediculous and the templates exclude critical information

btroje Level 9 July 28, 2018
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