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45 is a compulsive/repulsive liar. Apparently, he can't help himself. He lies often and repeatedly, and for reasons that mystify me, people still swallow his verbal feces. WTF is wrong with them? It's a proven, 100% incontrovertible fact that he's a chronic liar; how do people continue to support it? Looks like the apple is a chip off the old block.


Yeah but the Republican great unwashed still won't believe it.


Liar Trumps son's pants are clearly highly inflamable too.


They are the product of having a hands off father who lies constantly... And they are always trying to please him.

Makes me think I should pity his poor kids, and I do. But they are so badly damaged there is almost no hope for them.

@HippieChick58 they're gun-toting animal murders, f*** 'em.


HMIM (His Mouth Is Moving)


One can make up one's own facts they just may not be true.

Marine Level 8 July 28, 2018
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