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Liberty from religion would be a good start. How anyone could think that Christians (the only people this group will lift a finger for) need help in this country is beyond me. This is just an organized way to push an agenda that already has more sway than it should.


As far as I know, the first amendment gives us all of the religious liberty that we need.


This POS needs to be hung from the highest tree.


....and liberty for all. The freedom to buy a gay cake. The freedom to refuse to add a message to the cake that goes against your conscience. This reminds me of how better it is to solve marital disputes without lawyers. In a similar vein, it would help to resolve differences without support organisations. Compromise is key.

Such as baking a half gay cake?

@Bobby9 No, Bobby, something more constructive!

@brentan Not sure what you mean, but considering the subject, I guess I don't really care.

@Bobby9 Maybe you're right - freedom and rights are a bore.

@brentan Freedom is very alive and well, just what is your problem?

@Bobby9 And there was I wondering what's up with you!

@brentan Nothing wrong at all, I just reason through issues better than you do.

@Bobby9 Of course lol

@brentan Glad you agree.

@Bobby9 Maybe you needed an emoji, or lol written in capital letters!

@brentan Maybe you should concentrate more or problem solving verses problem identification.

@Bobby9 Or maybe I should stop wasting my time with you.

@brentan The waste of time in in your mirror as you like emotion, not fact.


thanks for calling our attention to this.

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