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Any interest in a HSP group?

I'm considering starting a group here for HSPs (highly sensitive persons). This would be for anyone who defines themselves as HSP, based on the work by Dr. Elaine Aron.

I've been in groups for HSPs and found them to be very helpful. Also for people with family members who are HSP who would like to understand more about the trait.

Like other HSP groups I've been in, I would want to make sure that this group remains supportive and respectful.

Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

bleurowz 8 July 30

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I have a question for you. Why are you a member of the Offenders Group, they are mostly negative people posting snide and offensive remarks? I would think as a person with HSP this would be a group to avoid.

Good question. I appreciate some of the humor in there. Every now and then I need a fix when I'm dealing with jerks. Sometimes dark humor helps alleviate some of my stress. HSP is mainly a matter of temperament. We are allowed to also feel anger and frustration.


Scored 19, I think I'm a good candidate.


24 I scored a 24. Gees...

Yes make the group!

We don't do counseling here but we certainly do support. I for one would like to know how others cope with this. I'd even go to a chat room if you held one.

Myself I studied Psych in college and worked in the field. The Empathy was a good thing there - most of the time.

I am frequently baffled by those who don't feel the world around them so much. I can understand it in my head - but in my heart I'm confused.

When unsure I didn't tick the box and imagined that would get me off the hook but I ended up on 18. I think I mainly cope by bluffing, many who know me just haven't got a clue.

@Salo @RavenCT Yes, it's very misunderstood. A trait most are born with, they recognize it at a very young age but never understand why they percieve things differently. It's like your nervous system is more wired to pick up stuff.


Count me in, thanks for the info and sorry to hear about the arsehole. We may need to plug a few more but I think the pros beat the cons.

Salo Level 7 July 31, 2018

HSP? At first I thought you meant Herpes Survivor People? But as described, it sound good!


the trouble with HSP is that so many of the symptoms apply to everyone that i imagine they get ignored a lot which with any condition/personality trait must be very frustrating it also has a tag which is easy for idiots to mock and even people that mean well probably struggle at 1st until they make an effort to understand more about it.i think any group that is there to help should be encouraged as it will not only help those with a diagnosis but may help those that are trying to understand what is going on with them good luck

weeman Level 7 July 31, 2018

Yeah. It's very misunderstood. It doesn't mean other people are less sensitive, it just mean that HSP's are more wired to perceive nuances in their environment. It's a matter of temperament, something you're usually born with, something you can even see on babies and young children.


I think this would be a great idea. Can we define exactly what makes someone a HSP? I'll google it, but I'd like to hear your answer. Everyone is sensitive about something, so it could probably apply to most people.

The link in the original post has a fairly quick quiz that gives you a rough rating but is also quite informative.

@Salo Thanks. Whew I scored a 9. On the one hand, I am too sensitive to take an IQ test b/c I know I'm not where I want to be. On the other hand, I can watch horror movies all day, because I appreciate make-up and acting genius.

It's a matter of temperament, doesn't mean other people are less sensitive. Mainly how your wiring picks up nuances in your environment. And there are degrees -- some people may be more sensitive in one are than others. Most people sort of recognized they percieve things differently from when they were very young, if though they never understood it.


An HSP group would likely be very helpful.


Do it. I am quite irritated by society’s intolerance of HSPs. It’s nice to share experiences.

Livia Level 6 July 30, 2018

Apparently someone finds my comment hilarious. It’s not funny being an empath in a society that celebrates traits that are basically psychopathic. A society that bullies others and rewards bullies. HSPs are often female, which adds a sexist dimension to the harsh judgement passed on people who feel deeply.

@Livia The person who chose the laughter icon may have meant to choose the Hearts one and not known how to change the icon. It took me a while to figure out how to change an icon I'd accidentally clicked on.

@pixiedust I've done this. I usually catch it but it depends on whether I have my laptop screen or my Kindle screen to view it on.

@Livia The HSP trait actually occurs across the board equally between male and female. But especially in our society a sensitive boy or man is looked down on, so they learn to suppress it. There's an HSP named Ted Zeff who's done some writing about it.

@bleurowz I would be interested in that, as HS women are often diagnosed with the very sigmatizing Borderline Personality Disorder, which I think is an attack on HS women, especially if they have been traumatized or have depression. Also, I will say, I have not yet met an outwardly HS male. Maybe society bashes it out of them. If so, I am very sorry. This world needs empaths.


@bleurowz I say go for it!

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