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Any ideas for cutting back on caffeine?

I'm a programmer and while I used to be a sort of god, I've grown somewhat fat (hard to tell because I'm extremely tall, but it's there) and hopelessly addicted to caffeine. It's bad enough that I wake up feeling slight withdrawal symptoms (headache, slow mental acuity, difficulty giving a crap about anyone or anything), so I want to figure out how to at least control that aspect of my health before I start working out again, so that in theory when I do work out, I don't have to do so with a Whomping Willow of a headache. (My workouts are always at 6 AM, due to my work schedule.) Thanks for any tips!

PolyWolf 7 July 31

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I'll keep running my engine on coffee 'til the day something breaks or when I get a flat line.... If it's quick the I don't mind


I'll have a cup of coffee and think about it.


When you have cut down you might like to try peppermint tea as a light pick me up instead? I like it mid afternoon as a substitute sometimes.


Sounds to me like your whole lifestyle is nothing but stress. But what to do if it's needed to pay bills? If it's a bit self-inflicted, may be time to go smelling roses instead of coffee.


Drink a cup of coffee....then slowly eat an apple. Repeat 3 times each morning for 2 weeks.
Then Take the coffee down to 2 cups and the apples up to 4 for 2 weeks.
Finally, two apples, then one cup coffee, then 3 apples.
Then....switch to hot, naturally caffeine free herbal teas....and keep eating apples in place of the coffee.


Very interesting. I'll see about this. That many apples would cause some interesting Montezuma's Revenge scenarios, but I may try it anyway. Probably lose a ton of weight that way.


I do 1 cup a day


I'm not drinking coffee specifically (even though I love it). At this point, I drink 2-3 Crystal Light Energy packets dissolved in 48 oz of water every morning, then usually one other caffeinated drink during the day. It's not necessarily that much, but it's definitely enough to make me jittery and also paranoid (which is my normal state, too, but it's worse).

@Donotbelieve: I hope you're going to be okay. When I quit about a year ago, I held out for maybe 8 months, and then wham (the band), I dove back in harder than before. I hate addiction so much.


No. Don't. Coffee is good. Drink coffee.

@Donotbelieve look, ma'am. Research shows. 8 cups a day is healthy. This is science.
I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy.

Your wish, etc etc...


Cut the volume of the cups you drink (10oz to 9 to 8...).

Mix increasing amounts of decaf with the high-test beans.

Don't decrease by more than one cup of caffeinated coffee per week.

Substitute coffee with gin 😉

I unfortunately cannot drink alcohol. Well, not really unfortunate - it's actually quite terrible for me - but I'm never going back. That said, I appreciate the rest of that comment a lot, and thank you. I'll try to reduce my giant water, or the amount of caffeinated stuff I'm putting into it, rather.

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