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This Woman Entered the US illegally - What did the US Do?

Her name was Mary Anne MacLeod

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 11

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Well.... there you go! Hmmm... I thought our country stood for freedom? I just don't get it with turning people and families away.

Costs 10 thousand CFA Frank's just to visit Cameroun where my daughter can see where her mom was born in Ebolowa. much for "freedom" USA kidnapped Africans to give them so called land of the free LIES WHIPS RAPE MURDER AND SELL THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS

Francs spelchek


Kidnapping African women shipping them here is also illegal immigration raping the black women to sell their babies is little different from brainwashing baby TrumpOLINI to become a billionaire mega fraud slave to the banksters polluters theocrats


Every negative by tRump usually is done to hide something.


The problem is not that she immigrated illegally.
The problem is that she did not use condoms!


Trump’s mom


Yea but she was white and wasn't one of "those" people from the Middle East.

you hit the nail on the head.

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