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So I've deactivated my FB and insta. I'm suffering from severe withdrawal. It's crazy how addicting these apps are. It's not like I've got alot of friends either but it feels like being out the loop. It's frustrating and annoying at the same time but I had legitimate reason to do it cause it was time consuming and haven't had time to put more content out there. I say time but I need to record something or whatever.

It's only been a day and already feel a werid empty feeling. Tbh I might start crack maybe that would help me over come it.. joking btw. I've done it become like total detoxing from social media just it's always hard in the beginning.

M121 7 Jan 11

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You’ve created a void, but voids naturally fill. Give it time, and choose carefully what you allow in.

Varn Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

This forum and the news is all I have... it's enough.


I'm taking a break from FB. Too many Christian friends sending God things and everything is is not very interesting either and there is always, TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!
I would love to find a way to go on a permanent tRump fast!


crack is a logical solution

@M121 sure a little buffer


I know what you mean. I have a twitter and facebook acct. I not really on there for friendship but follow certain sites. I have deactivated both accounts several times, but keep going back. I even closed this account and came back. Even though they are time consuming I have to go back. I guess I am addicted.

@M121 Yes so true, I think they do know more about me. Every time I have went back they have said welcome Thomas we have been waiting for you.


facebook is doing my head in but I have to be part of it to help the charity im in or it would be gone.

they piss me right off in many ways


Stay strong...maybe get a sponsor. (LOL.) I wasn't as brave as a complete deactivation, I simply logged off on January 1st. I catch up with family and friends the old fashioned way calls and visits. And so far it's been great. I do miss following certain pages, but I'm getting plenty of reading material from the links here.

Nena Level 6 Jan 12, 2018

It's almost like we are in an actual social media matrix. Where's' Keanu?

jeffy Level 7 Jan 11, 2018

Social media IS a time waster. However, it's one way in which I keep in touch with family members from around the world. But it's not a deep level of communication, very superficial. I'll think on this a bit more.

Good luck with staying off of FB an the others. It's rather wise of you.


Ecliptic is a word you might adapt.

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