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If you could save a total strangers life...

If you could save a total strangers life that you would never meet, but they would know someone sacrificed (or did not) for them. Which would you sacrifice and why?

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HeyHiHullo 7 Jan 11

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Don't know them don't care


I am an organ, or might be one day, but that is no sacrifice as I won't be using them any more. I have saved strangers lives a couple of times, no sacrifice except to my safety, but I came out pretty much unscathed each time, just very scared.


I did save a girls life, she was in the middle of dark road. Her dog was lying in the road from being hit. A car came speeding down the road and I know they would have never seen her in time, so I jumped out in front of the car forcing him to swerve. Just missed me and the girl.


If I sacrifice and they accept then they are selfish. They can have all of it when I’m on my death bed, I won’t be using it, no loss.

Wish I could delete this, I misread


I think I believe in returning my body to the earth whole.


You don't have to give anything up forever to help someone..... that's the cool thing about helping. You just have to do it


Having put my life on the line to save total strangers already somehow those other things don't seem important at all.

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