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How did you escape narcissism?

Since most of us are United Statesians, new word (?). and we are American "Exceptionalists", we have a "divine" right to "look out for number one" and have our own shows on Facebook posting about our lunch at some mundane fast-food joint, how do we escape narcissism since we United Statesians are stoked to burn with that materialism fire?

schway 7 Aug 2

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I hate that exceptionalism noise. A human’s a human, smelly, egotistical, chimp-like creatures. Ugh.
Any narcissism (most, at least) was killed in me by Tub Girl. That was an amazing testament to the lowest slime that humans can be. In that sense, it was beautiful. Compare that to the primates at any given zoo hurling their feces at the primates viewing from across the moat. Then note the zoo’s primate inhabitants’ other behaviors and again compare to those of the human population. It’s not really that different. We’re all just these primates sharing common ancestry, which share ancestry with other groups as far back as you care to contemplate. Humans are no different from mice, crows, dogs, roaches, turtles, lions, or whatever else indigenous to Earth that one could list. We’re just shit slinging egotists. Realizing that, what’s there to be narcissistic about other than recognizing that not everyone realizes that? Ha!! Maybe in that sense I’m still a narcissistic shit-thrower!!! Hahahahahahahaha

@schway materialism, in my opinion, doesn’t equate to narcissism, it is a symptom of it


I have found life, and aging, overall, undignified enough that I got over myself some time ago. My religion of origin taught me that life "should" be explicable (to me) and fair (to me) and I un-learned that in the school of hard knocks. Turns out it wasn't about me whatsoever!


Narcissism’s a cluster B personality disorder that’s at best treatable, but incurable..

I was forced to experience the so-called ‘out of doors’ growing up. We had a cabin at the base of Mt Hood, spent weekends working a massive garden and running the hills at my Uncle’s country place … and spent weeks every year even deeper in the woods of my families homestead. Dad’s work, and it worked! For the most part, none of ‘us kids’ have fallen for the mass or conspicuous consumption of our capitalistic nation..

Man, though, a rich natural narcissist growing up in New York City ..a disaster waiting to happen 😕

Varn Level 8 Aug 2, 2018

Learned humility.


The only cure I know for that problem is travel.


I've always embraced it, why try to escape? If I'm not dealing with mine I'm dealing with someone else's.

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