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Any crazy sounds in your house?

Im by myself and I hear a sound here and there. Glad I don't beleive in all those TV shows with attic and basement sounds..... hell I got those.

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 12

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@BucketlistBob if you hear this in your basement check it out

@btroje WHOA a recording of my ex... how the fuck you find this??? 😉

@HeyHiHullo google is all knowing


Last winter there was a sound at 3 AM. It was a rat gnawing on a pipe in the crawl space. An alpha female found a way in and invited her friends. I got the friends and found the entrance but it took me weeks to finally get her. They say the alpha females are the smartest (for many species including our own).

My fridge makes all kinds of funny pops and squeaks. It is not old and has always done it. When the wind blows the lids on the vents (3) always open and close and the sound is transmitted through the vent pipes (kitchen and 2 baths). There is always the wood working during wind and inclemetic weather. Otherwise it is quiet.


In the last 15 years or so we have had invasions of Asian House Geckos, they are really quite cute, but vocal. We also have a small flock of eastern curlews which run down my street at night and sound like banshees/




Had some REALLY batshit crazy sounds around father's day 2017.
Haven't heard them since... ex moved out same weekend... pretty strange huh!? Lol


No i can't report anything unusual at this house yet since its only 2 years old but give it time!


I've been woken up by raccoons in the ceiling a couple times in the past month. One actually fell through the drywall a couple weeks ago. Pretty sure I've gotten rid of them now, but imagine waking up to the sound of raccoons fighting right above your head.

When I was younger I would get scared by sounds when alone, but I slowly realized that most of those noises are just the house settling, or sometimes a mouse or other pest. Used to hear cabinets open and close in the middle of the night in my cousin's old house. Woke up just in time one night to see a RAT open a cabinet door and jump inside, and it wasn't a nasty house or anything, just surrounded by fields.

Hmmm.... raccoons! My buddy woke up to some wild crazy noise from under the house in the middle of the night He grabs his shot gun and goes outside naked with his gun and a flashlight. He points his gun and light under the house. His dog sticks that cold nose up my buddies asshole and he blows out the plumming and a raccoon all at one time. Yep... I know about


There could be several reasons. Say that your house is built relatively recent within the last 30 years if is constructed with particle board this could be changing in size because the fermelhide is vaporizing out causing it to pop and crack. Perhaps the fermelhide is in your air causing you to have a ergot like experience. The heater in your house can also make the wood contort making noise. Then again a rodent or bat found a way in and is nesting in you eaves and joices.

This it


Some nights we hear Owls hooting can sound very spooky...

I love it when owls come. To me they are soothing and they help rid my property of rats. I wanted to build an owl house but the plans were 3' on each side!


I have awfully crazy sounds in my house, crazy and terrifying. I have been married for 20 years. They sound like.....I love you husband.....completely unsettling.......


I don't believe in ghosts and never have. However, I don't mind admitting that when I used to live in an old cottage and, one night when I was alone, I heard what sounded exactly like very heavy footsteps stomping across the upstairs floor above my head, I got out of there pretty quickly!

Jnei Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

I get lots of crazy sounds in my house, most of them come from mundane sources like air vent covers flapping around etc. but I lived in a house in a pretty remote part of northern England several years ago and that place was terrifying!

It was built in the 1700s and was clad in flagstone at some point later, so it was very imposing looking and had a reputation in the nearby village as being haunted. We would hear things in the attic all the time, creaks and thuds and the like. There were also knocking sounds in the walls, especially during the day, and squeaking that sounded like rusty door hinges on another floor (no matter which floor you were on).

We could trace it all to mundane sources like the huge oak beams in the roof, and expanding hot water pipes etc. but I hated that place, I always felt on edge there- the noises were just so frequent and intrusive.

Wow... that's cool.i was born in Lancashire... how far away it that.

@BucketlistBob the house was in Tantobie, in County Durham. I live in the Midlands now though.


I get some creaking around my apartment at night. But I think that's just the house settling so to speak.


just make sure if you hear a strange sound and its totally dark down there to check it out right away. especially if there is high pitched screechy violins in the background

Alrighty.... time to crap my pants... lol.


I have an 11 year old daughter. Crazy sounds are the norm.


No. All the crazy sounds are grown and gone.


Only when I am home... 🙂

@HeyHiHullo I almost forgot that record

@btroje I didn't lol

@HeyHiHullo then you could follow this one up with Paralyzed by the Legendary Stardust Cowboy

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