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More Dawkins moments...

phxbillcee 10 Jan 12

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I often think that Dawkins could put up his feet, enjoy some kind of retirement, I'm sure he's financially comfortable, and yet there he is going around the world, including here in Australia from time to time, spearheading, with others, the atheist movement, and taking endless crap from detractors. His passion and determination to neutralise religious nonsense is inspiring. Certainly has been for me. I'm not one to think about meeting celebrities or famous people, but I would like to meet and thank Richard Dawkins.

He seems like such a nice guy, too, regardless of what his detractors have claimed. Here in the States I would also like to meet-up with Matt Dillahunty & Aron Ra.


Another reason I LOVE the internet. Local news (Liberals!) (???) shows a bunch of poor immigrants doing the holy walk, crucifixation re-enactments, etc etc etc

twill Level 7 Jan 12, 2018
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