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Since most but not elaborate weddings are in some way relgious based and most weddings in that realm usually include the best man main of honor thing. what does everyone think if you're the guy and your BEST MAN is a woman...and also one has 3 other grooms' ladies

Pfr1998 5 Jan 12

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All good, my daughter was best man for her best friends wedding about 3 months ago, she also organised the bucks night.


I was my sister's Man of Honor.


My best man was not only a woman, she was also my ex.


I know quite a few people who have good married with the best man being a women or a brides maid being a man, given away by their best friend and dog, while getting married on a beach by a an atheist celebrant. A wedding is what you make it or want it to be where I come from.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 13, 2018
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