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Ah the Golden Years. Those Years I longed for. To be able to kick back and swing in my hammock; To stay up late and watch a movie with my Wife, and sleep in as long as is needed; The days when I could fish and not have a care in the world. "What the bleep"! What kind of day dream was I having anyway?

The reality isn't exactly like that. After years of punishing my body repairing ag tractors I have my fair share of aches and pain. Let see: I run the snow blower yesterday, and I hurt all day and today.
Our dishwasher went down so we purchased a new one. Should I have it installed? "Nah" I can do that, but how could installing a dish washer hurt that bad? I shouldn't have bought a house on a hill, mowing the lawn really hurts, but its good for heart I tell myself. I couldn't get anyone to install my sprinkler system, but Hell, how hard could that be?

Well at least I know now that I won't be installing my my own windows, nor will I install new siding nor will I be putting the shingles on the roof my self. I have willing spirit, but an unwilling body. Besides when will I ever go fishing?

Its a good thing my mind still works, at least I think it does. Ah but life is still good, and it defiantly beats the alternative.

Can anybody relate?

Leutrelle 7 Jan 12

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Life has been good for me. I am 81, go to the gym 5 mornings a week, walk in protest marches after making my own sign, see movies, travel to foreign countries and the US, hike in the mountains...none of it goes as fast or as well as I used to do, but still, Life is good.
I have had 2 open heart surgeries, so I live every day fully.
You should too.

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 13, 2018

I hope you become centenarian. I used to visit with a gal many years ago that was 107 years of age. She was an inspiration to me. She also had heart surgery. Thank you for sharing. I make it a point to walk a 1.5 miles everyday, and that has helped me.


You're going to destroy my delusions of my retirement years.

If your not doing heavy manual work you probably will be fine🙂


Fibromyalgia took my body away from me and imprisoned me in a torture chamber of debilitating pain and fatigue in my early twenties. I learned far earlier than most that you can't always count on your body to do what you expect or need--or simply be a place you want to live! After 15+ years I have finally gotten my body back...but my mind and spirit will never be the same. I can definitely relate.

I am sorry to hear that. Just reading your comments I wouldn't have guessed you suffered with pain, but dialogue on the web is limited. People who see me know that body my is broken down. I take Norco #10s and I still wince when I move, or I am hunched over. I have had depression for years. I don't know what mental problems you have, but walking a mile and half a day helps my body and mind and spirit. Thanks for sharing.

@Leutrelle Since I changed my diet over a year ago my fibro symptoms have disappeared. It was like magic.

@stinkeye_a What do you eat, or not eat. That sounds powerful and I would like to hear.

@Leutrelle eliminated dairy and gluten. The first time I heard "so-and-so improved their fibro by eliminating dairy and gluten" I rolled my eyes. The second time I heard it I rolled them even harder. The third time I wondered. The fourth time, I tried it. I started feeling better almost immediately and was pretty much symptom free after four months or so. Nothing else save for weed and, to a lesser extent, hydrocodone had ever worked. Over the summer I accidentally consumed gluten from some flour-covered dates in a trail mix--tiny amount--and I was miserable for three days. It's no joke. Im not going around saying this is the cure for fibro, just that it worked for me. Like magic. Unbelievable, unexpected, inexplicable, free magic.

@stinkeye_a I have warning signs for diabetes. I have to give up milk and any refined products which include flour. Maybe it will help with my pain. I wish my brain chemistry could tolerate Weed🙂 I happy for you: all that pain you had is gone. That must be euphoric. I am sure your mind and spirit will heal in due time. Thanks for sharing.

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