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"All the money in the world", I saw the movie and I recommend it, such a poor individual with all that money!!!! Like Rodriguez said... "Just because you are poor and have not money does not means you are not rich", it should never be about money.

GipsyOfNewSpain 8 Jan 13

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From the point of view of a legacy left to the world then the arts would probably win hands down. Of course, there have been some philanthropists who donated large sums of money, (financial donations from their ill gotten gains) as a form of expiation and something to be remembered by.


Right money can buy stuff but only interaction can give you memories. To boot nobody can take those memories away.


Some people say that money does not buy happiness. There are people who say that if you have enough money there is no need to buy it, you can rent it. It is all a question of perspectives and whatever you deem to be important in your life.

Sometimes I wonder will I change who I am with a lot of money? I will like to hope I will not change. I know I will get rid of much of it quick among strangers, relatives and friends. I learn to live with little (and that little to others is a lot, mind you). To avoid the temptation of having another loan. To live without owing any lending institution anything that way I can break camp any time I feel like it. If we as children we are taught how to live without greed, righteous and loving brother man. We will be in a different place for sure. And back at what you said... What I deemed important I already had... so I feel "rich" and accomplished... so the rest of my life is gravy and toppings.


Yes, you're right.

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