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In his image? ?

Have you ever asked religious people what their god looks like? I explain to them that if it’s in “His” image, that’s quite a fragile form to be flying through the universe. Or is there some space flight vehicle? What does THAT look like? How big is god? Are we just a 0.000000000000000000000001% version? I enjoy getting religious people thinking, and you can tell that they’ve never done so when you ask these questions. Ha.

Hbar13 3 Aug 5

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Also... if god created man and woman in his image... doesn’t that make god a hermaphrodite? How can a man AND a woman look like god at the same time? MUST be a hermaphrodite! But is god vertically split down the middle hermaphrodite? Half facial hair, 1 breast, half vagina... and vice versa? Haha.


Haha, I like that! Although, I would rather avoid discussion at all since I can't swallow the hypocrisy.


I got a feeling that it says in the bible no man shall know what god looks like or something similar so nobody knows ....get of jail free card etc

Genesis 1:27
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

But I wouldn’t doubt there’s some other contradiction that allows for an escape by “interpretation” argument. ?


Finis Dake always explained that god was just like us only he is absent from the earth at this time. This would mean a 6 foot tall being "created" everything. Then there was a famous televangelist team that claimed to be involved with angels and these guys were all 12 foot tall. Leave it to religion to keep making it up.


Perhaps they look surprised because you don't understand what made in God's image means.

What does it mean ol’ wise one?

@Hbar13 I deserve that! Sorry. I'll try to get back with something from the Bible instead of just giving my own opinion..


I try to get them reading . I find that the door knockers are trying to sell , what they havent' even bothered to learn , yet .

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