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QUESTION Watch to know where fake Moses came from!

You can expand your research to find more info about this dude.

Yousif-Altimimi 7 Jan 14

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In a 1000 years amerisoviets will be reading about how patriot father trump removed the thieving nigerian obama from the red house in a leash. What do we know of the bible to be true fact?


I read about this period before. Concerning the Moses issue - claims made to justify a lie depended initially on the memories and discretion of the elders of uneducated farm laborers or merchants, therefore the story of the King was already in play to be adapted for Moses.. If a lie is repeated enough times to enough people over time, it is handed down as truth to the kids. Back then, if you went against the grain and called bullshit - you were generally taken out of the gene pool. The anecdote to this poison is education and it is needed, because nothing has changed. They are still lying.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 14, 2018

Sounds about right for the time left out the taking of slaves.


You won't learn that in Sunday school.


Its all fake isn't it?


Cradle of civilization /Iraq

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