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What is with the hatred of police officers? Out of the million LEO's in the US a few get bad acts publicised and people hate them all. I do not understanding the logic. That is like saying that all Germans are bad because of the Nazis. All poor are bad because of increased crime in poverty. All women are bad because of a few women murders.

Bam85 6 Jan 14

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I think The Police is our biggest gang problem in this country. I do not believe they all enter into the club as corrupt abusers or with the intention to become such but I don't think any of them leave the club as anything but. Brainwashed? Exposed to too much of the worst in people? Bullied in highschool and seeking revenge?
Our police department is fucked. We have more unarmed people shot and killed in this city by "our heros in blue" than can be explained by any reasonable person. Cops driving drunk, beating the shit out of their wives, pulling firearms in off-duty bar room brawls. Christ on a cracker- Google our Otto Zehm debacle! That was one for the books! Now the mayor and police chief are covering some rape of a female officer by another officer?! Oh yeah! I feel real safe with these thugs roaming our streets protected by the thugs above them. Whole world is going to hell, I tell ya!
What was the question?


Nobody believes all cops are bad. That is the narrative the right pushes. There is a reasonable discussion to be had on the militarization of the police in this country and also the lack of oversight, training and accountability. Racism abounds in many departments and often murder, assault and rape go unpunished. These are facts. Until these issues are addressed in a national conversation there will be protests. Quit snivelling about the protests and work toward resolution and things will be better.


The same argument could be made for refugees, a certain religious group, immigrants, and any other marginalized or discriminated group. Just going out on a limb here, but considering your choice of examples as well as what you are defending, one can easily assume you have used the exact opposite of your argument as to why certain groups shouldn't be allowed in the US or be made to leave or get locked up. I could be wrong, but out of the millions of people who ignore police atrocity, only a few aren't bigots 😉 First and foremost, police are the largest crime syndicate in the US, made even more reaching by the current AG's deregulating their ability to acquisition with no recourse. Also those "few" you mentioned are actually in the thousands. And it isn't that people hate the police, they hate the fact they never get punished for cold blooded murder, and when they do it is laughable slap on the wrist punishments. People hate the fact they target minorities where a broken taillight could mean the difference between seeing your children graduate and dying before 30 in front of them on the side of the highway or choked to death over cigarettes or shot for a toy gun when you are just 12. People hate the fact that despite video evidence damning these people they still get to walk and in most cases keep their jobs which means be able to do it again. Also I am glad you brought up "a few bad acts get publicized" because what you are referring to are the ones that we have heard of, as if that means those are the only ones to have happened HAHAHA... Well time to wake up booboo because those few that got publicized were either because of citizens standing up and filming the horrid acts (of which they get assaulted by the police more often than not for legally filming) or the police themselves releasing the footage only after lawsuits and/or their officer has gotten off with the crime and it is too late to retry them, imagine the ones we don't hear about like the ones that have been successfully swept under the rug or how many families have lived with hearing their loved one died at the hands of the police for being a criminal when in reality they were just murdered because the cop was jumpy or scared but we would never know because it was never filmed. The big difference between the police and the examples you provided are that police, unlike the others, get away with murder, and even get people like you to defend them blindly. Those police that are "bad acts" get away with their bad acts so consistently it takes a massive feat of mental gymnastics to ignore it, like for instance cops going to the supreme court to argue it isn't their duty to help citizens even in life threatening situations as their only duty is to uphold the law yet they use phrases like "we risk our lives to protect yours" in order to get rubes to support their legalized organized crime. So this is most important here so pay attention, those "few bad apples" that police and media try to sell you as the issue are not the core of the problem, it is the rest of the so called "good cops" that don't say shit about, don't do shit about, and even cover up the crimes of other police. So taking all that in, I must say, it isn't that people hate the police, it's that they do not trust them because once you do you are in danger of losing your life in more ways than one because if they do kill you it won't stop at your life as they will go on to make shit up about you and make you look insane, calling everything about you into question simply so Officer Bumblefuck doesn't get fired while so called "good cops" take part in this defamation and tampering with evidence as well, hints why ALL cops get the same treatment because even if they wouldn't kill you or harm you, if it came down to it, they would take part in the cover up... It isn't called "the blue wall of silence" for nothing.


I wish I knew...

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