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Trumper repealed the Federal Flood Risk Mansgement Standard.How will this action affect the USA population??

Marine 8 Aug 11

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Some of them will drown?


They sucked anyway I went through 2 floods after the first I tried to get flood insurance and was denied because back then my house was in a 100-year floodplain.

why did you build or buy a home in a flood plain and not take proper action to not be affected by a flood. I see people rebuild over and over next to a river and then expect insurance companies to pay for floods.. These homes should never be built or should be on stilts to avoid flood damage which occurs every year.

@Marine Was years ago the house was 180 years old then was not even on a flood map.


This Trump administration is the enemy of the environment. It will not just affect the US population but some Caribbean Nations will be inundated and may not survive. The problem should concern all citizens of this planet as it may be in the hands of the US electorate whether or not Trump is re-elected, but it will affect all of us.


Current projections state that there will be a six foot increase rise in sea level by 2100 and this would affect 2,400,000 homes along sea coasts and rivers.This will destroy property values,mortgage companies,developers and cause a market crash. The Union of Concerned Scientists are calling for this FFRMS to be reinstated and that further action be taken to understand the risk involved by homeowners,banks etc.Disaster management needs a major revision to adapt to the increased risks from the sea water rise and the solutions to these problems which are not being addressed at this time.

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