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The Lessons of the Unite the Right Rally, Slate Magazine, 8/13/2018



They did not deserve a permit to march in the first place.


Awwww, poor widdle racists couldn't stay out in the rain.


About two dozen Nazis and racists showed up.

"They were afraid to come," the rally organizer said, when asked why the turnout was sparse.

Bullies are cowards, psychologist say.


Well, you know just how see through white sheets are when they get wet.


The snowflakes might have melted.


There were very few white nationalists and way more counter protesters. I was there and it was wonderful.

Good for you. ?

good for you! did you take pics??


@GreatNani youre my hero!!


I was hoping some of our ‘local downpours’ would reach DC ... Gee, even their ‘god’ frowned on their activities..

Varn Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

It rained!


I guess those KKK cloaks get uncomfortable if they get wet 😉

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