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QUESTION Killing death: Some implications of extending human lifespan indefinitely | ZIPAR

Here it is. Just about everything I have to say about the subject. I didn't write it, but the author has mind melded with my brain. The writing style is very similar to my own.

For my professional scientists friends, this article contains a gazillion citations - like any good article on a controversial subject should.

For everyone else, this is a long article. But it's an easy read written in common English. The only technical term used is "senescence". Simply put, senescence is clearing out your growing number of zombie cells that are running faulty or outdated programming and refuse to die.

ScienceBiker 8 Jan 15

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Great paper, I'm totally in agreement.


Would we value or enjoy life as much if we potentially had an infinite supply of life?

@ScienceBiker People have been known to get bored of life.

I read an article that gives about two examples of animals that do not show signs of ageing and lobsters was quoted as one of them. Similarly they did not expect them to live forever because of the dangers posed by disease and fatal traumas. Lobsters suffered from being deliciously endangered.


Could potentiality make a cyborg like body and then space exploring longs distance and high speed travel could be achieved.


I can think of many reasons NOT to live forever but almost none for an indefinate lifespan.

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