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Middle Age

Do you automatically lose at hide and seek if you are having a mid-life crisis and simply cannot find yourself?

MsOliver 7 Jan 15

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I haven't had a good one hit me yet. I don't know. My wife keeps complaining that she's not liking getting older. I stop reminding her to do a gratitude list to remind her of her job 8 years ago. That's before we got married. I thought I was going to loose it when my parents were so sick I had to put them in a nursing home. I've had some near misses but have aways seem to bounce back. I had to retire at 64 because my body was worn out for my jobs I needed to do. It turned out great though.


Don't waste time looking! Sooner or later you will show up, I promise!


I don't know how others were affected. It struck me on my 30th birthday and lasted 7 years. It only ended when I realized I had wasted 7 years being miserable about being over 30, and wished I was 30 again. But the crisis itself was about change for me, I had achieved everything I had been taught was necessary to achieve, married, 2 healthy kids, houses, topped out in my career of the time then retired 3 months before I turned 30. and then... and then.... nothing much happened. That is when I stopped to think, reflect on my life, what I had been taught to believe, and it all unraveled. My whole belief system dissolved, it was fake, I don't just mean religion, everything.


And why is it when you lose something it's always found in the last place you look? 😉

We should all look there first! 🙂


Like my ex tell my children... "Your father is so full of himself that his mid-life crisis came and went and he never noticed." Science may give you many labels to use as appropriate needed. Many times I ignored those labels. Depression, anxiety, mid-life crisis, etc, etc, etc. Not that I am against science but I barely meet anyone that has not told me "I was diagnosed with having an obsession or depression or anxiety or being bi-polar or having insomnia or an eating disorder or short attention span." Just fucking live... find your spot... your place... whatever brings you peace. And if you can find it without the crutches of medication. It will be really real.

I like that... "Just fucking live... find your spot... your place... whatever brings you peace."


If you don't know how long you're going to live how do you know when your middle age is?


Sorry I don't get this multiple entendre


My mid-life crisis is long over. We all have to go through it sometime.

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