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Aliens and have they been here?

Do you believe aliens have been to earth?

StevenMichael 5 Aug 14

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Not enough evidence...


distances involved its highly unlikely


Earth is probably just one stop on the interplanetary tour.


Yes. They have been here. Took one look around, then left. In the space ship on the way out, one said, "Not too bad a planet, except for those pests running around on two legs killing everything and polluting the place up. Make a note not to come back here again. Those things make the place unlivable. Lets continue looking for a civilized planet."


"Do you believe aliens have been to earth?"

Instead of "believe" rephrase to "Do you think aliens have been to earth" -

ANSWER: No I don't think so

Believe it or not, you can "believe" anything you like without any evidence, whereas thinking requires intellect


We will never know whether there are intelligent beings out there, because, if they are, in fact, "intelligent", no chance they will come to this crappy planet.


How do I know?


Nope ~

Varn Level 8 Aug 14, 2018

Aliens exist, no, never been here

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