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What do I believe?

Alright, you may notice that I have identified myself as religious, but I joined this group to help me find out the truth. I had to know the reasons on both sides of the “God” debate. And believe me that I am now well acquainted with both sides of the argument. Well, I have heard people testify of incredible experiences linked to a God, both ones that I could explain away and ones that I cannot. I also understand confirmation bias and belief bias, and how memorable amazing experiences can be. And though I have not experienced any truly amazing miracles myself, there is enough evidence for God that I cannot utterly ignore it. If God is real, then given that he has shown me some evidence of his existence, and in addition religion has made my life happier, it would be a shame indeed not to keep his laws.
In reality, most of the world is and always will be agnostic. That includes me. Almost no one can truly know whether God is real or not. But ultimately, belief in God is a choice, and I choose to believe in God. I am much better off believing and exercising faith in God than not. Even if I’m wrong and there is no God, then at least when I go down to my grave, even if only by self-deception I know I will have truly lived.
I am a free thinker. I am a humanist, though not in the traditional sense of the terms. I am also a believer.

Undercover 2 Aug 16

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What ever makes you happy. ?


... “ if only by self deception I know I have truly lived...” ... what TF does that mean?
May I suggest you check this YouTube video with Stephen Fry, “The Meaning Of Life”... and Ricky Gervais... “Head To Head On Religion”. Also consider George Carlin’s impressions on religion, may help you think differently about an all lloving omnipotent being.

Tomas Level 7 Aug 17, 2018

If you have evidence for the existence of God you could be a multi-millionaire today. What is it?


Fine by me as you acknowledge your belief as a belief, each to their own.
I would just request that you tell your children about your "God" without repetition in message and ritual.
Don't let them be indoctrinated by teaching them to be free thinkers, as you claim you are. Belief only requires faith, not facts.


[] to me is something with facts and proof. So to have faith in a magical all controlling creature is unreasonable there is no proof. Religion and the belief in a deity and a demigod is a form of control and a mythology.

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