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I "came out" to all my FB buds with a shout-out to our FB page, [www] It'll be interesting to see who un-friends me.

fit-in-Spring-TX 5 Jan 16

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I did that a while ago lost all but three friends.

It is why I like this group so much. Everyone is accepting of each other. No matter their belief or lack thereof. It would not be the same on a Christian site. Everyone would be trying to "SAVE" me.


Thanks I didn't know we had a page. I already put the link on my FB, I don't think anyone unfriended me, probably because I have lost them previously, as I post a few skeptic articles every now and then 😉


It will be interesting to see how many of your friends become part of the gang.


The real friends will, well, you know... be real friends.


Hi Fit in Spring,
probably only the narrow minded fundamentalist christians or other religions would unfriend you,as they cannot tolerate people who's views are different than theirs.


I have to try and follow this post. It should be entertaining.


Whatever happens there - you still have the people here.


BTW, a quick scan of posts on said FB page reveals un-believers stranded in far more dire circumstances than Texas. It's worth a look.

Have mercy. I don't see how....I'm a sole survivor in Texas..wait are you in Texas?

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