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Is This Just a Dating Site?

Hello! New to the site and I have a question. I am unclear, is this just a dating site? I'm really confused about the general concept. When I originally posted, I didn't consider it to be. It appears to be a dating site. Can you guys or a mod clarify for me? Posting a poll, dating, or other social media site?

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craycraycatty 4 Aug 20

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It is exactly what you want it to be....the power is yours.


It's a talking site... whatever the conversation leads, that's another story


I do not think there are quite enough members for it to really be a dating least not in my area. Certainly open to dating on here but I love the community regardless.


I have on my profile here for community but have chatted w some guys that have their status as “open to meeting women” and have had friendly discussions. Maybe some use it exclusively for dating, but I think that’s just one of the features of this app

RJ14 Level 4 Aug 20, 2018

It is a social interaction place where people of our way of thinking (nonbelievers)can mingle. If you find emotional stimulation here all the better.


I was here to chat with like minded people and if through that process I meet someone interesting that's great. But I am finding that some people are really serious about the dating part and get upset if you are not.

Really? Do you get that reaction in private messages or here on the boards?

@BlueWave in private messages


It certainly not a dating site for anyone who doesnt live in a highly populated urban area cuz there may not be other local members closer than 250 miles from you .
The site would need to expand its membership in an extremely massive way to even unlaughably call itself a dating site .


its both so i did not vote.


It can be both. Some are not interested in dating. Some are.

JK666 Level 7 Aug 20, 2018

It is whatever you want it to be. Which box did you tick? I am just here for the interchange of ideas and meeting new people from others parts of the world. Quite a few are here for dating, if you look at the profiles it should say.

@craycraycatty. There are some groups here that you may find helpful. There is a Newbie group for newcomers and there is a Suicide Help group where you can talk to others about your worries. I hope you will find us friendly, nonjudgmental and above all a place to voice any concerns you have. If you want to browse all the groups, you may find other groups that interest you for instance the music group. Come back to me if you like, you can message me too.

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