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Oh the irony here.. you mention something like this to believers & they will bring up all sorts of stuff out of the bible to say its unnatural.. until you mention these things.. then they get very quiet.

mistymoon77 9 Jan 17

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I agree with you 100%, I have a friend that says she prays for me every time I say Jesus. It drives me crazy. I just want to slap her. Not hard but to wake her up. She still thinks God always knows what she is doing. Dah.

You may wish to tell your friend that when you say Jesus, you are talking to him (prayer) and he told you to tell her to mind her own soul ????


Prophecy literally means insanity inapplicable to past present or future


The truth? They can't handle the truth!

jeffy Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

John Loftus is famous for his "outsiders test of faith". That is if you did not believe in your religion would you believe it's magical claims. The only honest answer is no.


Its amazing how all these scripts come together and a bunch of monks did that.


They missed the guy talking to bushes a flame and the one with all the incompatible wildlife on his boat.


This is a faulty comparison, but hilarious nonetheless. Thanks 🙂


They adamantly refuse to acknowledge how absurd their beliefs are.

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