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A thought occurred... am wondering how many atheists/agnostics are “in the closet”, and/or accept their anti-theist life style, but just don’t feel the need or don’t care to share their status.
Being liberal politically, living a semi-conservative life style, I wasn’t outspoken about my atheism until 4/5 years ago, somebody pissed me off with some “ holier than thou” attitude.
Still didn’t find it necessary to be outspoken, I’m comfortable with myself, just don’t brag about it.
I believe their is significant prejudice in businessm and industry, an of course politics.
I read, as many as 16/18 % of US is either atheist or agnostic, with Northern European countries at a much higher percentage.

Guess we’re a minority.

Tomas 7 Jan 17

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I don't feel the need to advertise my beliefs, or rather, lack thereof. I feel that an awful lot of religious people "show off" their beliefs, and perhaps want others to be impressed by that. Nope. Don't care. And don't care what you think of me. I had a lady at work trying really hard to figure me out without actually coming out and asking me directly. It was fun dodging her questions. Another asked me if I "knew Jesus"? I said not in the biblical sense. She didn't know what to do with that so she preached the good news for 20 minutes. I just kept working...


I think the more of us that are open about our atheism, the harder it'll be for others to penalize us for our lack of belief. I believe in "the fight". I believe in active defiance of the status quo.


I do not hide it if some ask. They do treat me different only because they equata being a non believer with being evil.


I am currently, for the most part, in the closet about my atheism. There are a few friends and family members who know but I haven't announced it publically yet. It's all very new and it's compared to 18 years of religious fundamentalism - meaning, IDK if I'm really an atheist or a very depressed and dissolutioned Christian. Like, I don't believe in the supernatural right now but I have to get my neurochemistry sorted before I can make an objective observation about myself. In the meantime, there's no need to upset EVERYONE I KNOW by saying I don't believe in their coping mechanisms anymore.

I just have this anxiety that it's going to be a big deal. When I began keeping the biblical dietary law 12 years ago, people freaked. I can only imagine what they're going to do and say when I tell them I don't believe in God anymore.

I'm not emotionally strong enough at the moment to debate or defend my beliefs so I'm not bringing them up to people if I don't know that I can trust them to accept me regardless.

I also suspect there would be some prejudice against me professionally if I'm out. I already had to tell one potential employer I'm in the LGBTQIA+ community bc he kept talking about past church activities on my resume (nursery work and old volunteer work) and I didn't get the job. Of course, I wouldn't want to work in that environment but, at the same time, I can't be too picky about jobs because I need to get paid.

My point in all that rambling was this: It's not time for me to come out about my atheism yet. I'm sure the time is coming - I always come out eventually and take a stand for my beliefs - but for now I need to stay in the closet until I figure some stuff out.


or in danger, if they do?

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