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Was George Carlin ever wrong about anything?

antitheism 6 Aug 23

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Not even wrong about being wrong.


Old George too was a seeker. ?


Even the Pope is only infallible when he speaks "ex cathedra" (that happened only once so far in the last 120 years), so I guess that a mere mortal like Carlin was wrong from time to time.
That there are obviously fans of Carlin who think that he might have been infallible - is it a sign of an incipient cult?

I see that you are seeking, but trying to win debates will not take you there. Meaning you find when you search within.have a little faith in my words...


Early in career he was wrong about a few comments he made about gays... but later once he learned more he got that right too.



Dietl Level 7 Aug 23, 2018
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