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How does a good christian rationalize electing trump who has released the worse people of human nature:Bigots,racists,xenophobia,sexism,dishonesty,narcissism,braggadocio,scapegoats,hatred,vengence and other despicable actions?

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Key word...Christians


‘Bad’ xtians like my brother hate the poor, public safety net, LGBT, much hypocrisy. They are hoping all the folks they are bigoted against will curl up and die.


Studies show that racism and fear of whites losing the majority in America was the unifying factor, and one fear to which Trump constantly plays.


"Good" Christians do not. My sister is as good a Christian as any, and she has NO idea how other Christians can stand the man.


that is the job description of a Christian as well as child molester


"God can use this man." Honestly. Someone said that.

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