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Cartoons from your childhood

Besides Looney Toons (Bugs Bunny, etc), what were some cartoons you were into as a kid?
I remember Astroboy (black and white), Speed Racer, Hannah Barbera's (sp?) World of Super Adventure, Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, Star Trek The Animated Series, . . .

towkneed 7 Aug 23

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Animaniacs, courage the cowardly dog, powerpuff girls, gummi bears, care bears, talespin, ducktales, author, babar, rugrats. ? those were the days.


Rocky and Bullwinkle


Looney Tunes were the only cartoons of my time I liked. I hated Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear, etc.

When my kids came along, I loved The Tick.


Snagglepuss.....exit, stage..........


Fractured Fairy Tales

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

Boris and Natasha

Loved Rocky and Bullwinkle. But I couldn't always find it. Back in the days when you had to watch things when they came on . . .

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