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Where are all the evangelicals support for the homeless and those less fortunate than themselves.they spout the bible all thew time but seem to ignore it when it counts.

Why don't they hold their master trumpie to the rules of the bible that they are so concerned about imposing on everyone else?There has been none of the things the bible speaks of provided by this dreg in the white house,

Marine 8 Aug 25

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It's the whole idea of belief being enough, and actions don't really matter... at least in their minds. Teh book they supposedly follow says otherwise, but they don't actually read it... they just "believe" in it.


Regardless if you are for or against, I find it amazing that those most vocal about illegal aliens, sanctaury cities, and have no problem ripping apart families and scarring children are typically bible thumping christians who seem to never have hear of NIV Luke 3:11, "Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same."


I have found that question too frustrating, so I just ask myself: how can i help this person,this family. And my answer is: I take them to sign up for food boxes once amonth; I help them with other applications for assistance; I give them rides and I am theirr acquaintance they can say "hi" to when we meet somewhere. We are in a rural area and don't have homelessness like exists in the city, but we do have needs and especially a need for personal interaction.

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