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YES!!! I had posted about atheist refugees a little while ago and had even speculated if some kind of underground railroad would work so thank you so much for this post! I'm going to see if they take donations.

We may be on the same railroad, reality willing.

@BobFenner I like that: "reality willing". 🙂


That is incredible. Good for her that is a strong willed woman. The story reminded me of Schindler's List.


@BobFenner Thanks for this eye opener I could scarcely believe what I was reading despite suffering many discriminations here in our bible belt. The following quote from the article really has rocked me back on my heels!
"In one early study from 2011, he found that people assume that atheists are more likely to commit immoral acts such as stealing money from a wallet left on the sidewalk, or failing to give the correct insurance information after a road accident. Indeed, of all the groups he measured—including Christians, Muslims, Jewish people, feminists, and homosexuals—only rapists were considered to be similarly untrustworthy. He has since shown that people are also more likely to implicitly associate atheism with incest, bestiality, animal torture, even murder and mutilation. "
This can only arise from systemic indoctrination over millennia.
The word solidarity I think needs to be more frequently used on this site.
Once again thanks.

Imagine being tried by a jury composed of these religious people? Jury of peers?
How often is this card played by the lawyers and court system?
Perhaps prison inmates should be studied for their non belief prior to incarceration & subsequent conversion if it occurs!


And that is why I say, America is need for Orangeness to make is...just need to be better...


I guess the Bible belt isn't so bad afterall...

@irascible They unacceptably threaten any one with different opinion whether atheist, same religion or different religion.

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