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Is very simple most do not give a dam about them.


Yes, so much this.




It's a good article in that it reinforces what's been known for some time, but it doesn't otherwise introduce anything ground breaking.
Other recent stories are even more depressing. For example, in a related story from 2012, while the emphasis on a Walmart moving into a community understandably focuses on the jobs that will be created, the outlet usually COSTS the community in terms of tax breaks and boosting the number of working poor.
Raising the minimum wage tends to make the news because it SOUNDS like people will have more money. This is true, but also misleading. While it addresses the amount of money people may have in their bank accounts, it fails to address the problem of purchasing power - at least as big of a factor in determining poverty. Raising the minimum wage puts more money in circulation, but devalues the the currency. Again, the poor don't win, the rich do. The wealthy will never allow their standing to decline and they certainly don't care about the impact of the less wealthy. As the cost of maintaining the working poor rises, those costs will have to be redistributed. Economics will always trickle up, never down.


Yes, they need us more than we need them, but that's a well kept secret. Working class and poor people don't believe that because they (we) are taught to believe that the wealthy are superior, that we need those pathetic-paying jobs they create, and that we rely on their largesse. Worst of all, we (generally speaking) believe that shit.

JimG Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

To this I say a resounding yes!


Good article, and something I think everyone should read and understand. The methods of oppression aren't typically those of force, at least not in democratic, capitalist nations, but rather those of propaganda and division. Why go to such trouble when they can get us to do their dirty work for them? Thanks for sharing.


Good article. It tells the truth.

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