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Why is there such male animosity toward feminine acting men?

Somewhat surprisingly, even within the gay male community, there's quite a bit of prejudice/disdain unleashed on feminine men. What do you suspect are the roots of this animosity/prejudice? Of interest is that there does not seem to be quite the same degree of animosity/discomfort leveled at masculine acting women. At the high school level, a feminine acting boy is at great risk for being bullied (or worse) whereas a masculine acting girl is often given the rather innocuous label "tomboy" and left alone.

By RobLawrence7
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I'm fairly certain it is tied in with the rejection of and fear of appearing weak. "Throw like a girl" "fight like a girl" etc. So many little ways boys are taught that women and all things "womanish" are inferior.

Yep, I agree!


In my opinion it's because gay men don't really like women. It's part of why we're gay. Women annoy us (probably because of domineering moms whose strength was something attractive to hold. Feminine men have many of the same attitudes as women so turn gay men off.

rainmanjr Level 7 Aug 27, 2018

Because women accept them. Gays are non-threatening to women. But the feminine gays are more likely to hang with them.

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